Well! My name is Rinky Sarah Mondal, im a small town simple girl living with myeverlastingparents:) , im Christian by faith and my only best friend is my JESUS, music is mah passion passion and I wanned to start it with gospel songs to sing fa mah lord mah god SO MY FIRST AUDIO WILL BE MY GOSPELS SONG ITS IN MAH OWN VOICE AS WELL AND THE GOSPEL SONGS YOU ARE HEARING IN THIS PAGE HAVE BEEN SUNG BY ME WITHOUT MUSIC:( AS A SAID IM A SMALL TOWN GIRL WITH NO FINANCE TO PROMOTE MY SINGING BUT I am a crazy lover of music AND SO IM HERE WITH MAH FIRST WEBSITE HOPE YOU LIKE IT:) COZ to become a professional singer is my childhood  dream, I guess u already viewed my profile here so u already know that this dream of mine not gonna leave me till I fulfill it completely:) so this is my 1ST website please comment or contact me asap if you can be any help to me  A MEANT IF YOU ARE A MUSICIAN OR ENGLISH BAND LEADER OR ANYTHING CONNECTED TO MUSIC AND YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A INTERNATIONAL SINGER THEN DO LEAVE ME A MESSAGE OR YOU CAN CALL ME DIRECTLY, please don’t let me go from this world without hearing mah voice  once GUYS :( just wanna give you all mah best and rock the world! Thanx for viewing mah site:) 


Spread Love Through Music but......

Be Yourself!