Hey there ! Are you a music lover? do you love music any genes? Then you are on the right track. This is Sarah a crazy lover of music , music is mah passion my dream my love and ofcourse mah childhood only dream which not gonna leave me until I fulfill it completelY :). Im a singer as my known people call me so but I wanna get known to the world and wanna simply rock the world:( so heer im to give you some taste of mah music. Well! Don’t mistake me as a composer nono I am not a composer yet, im just a singer who hardly people know L but I just don’t wanna leave this beautiful earth:) without making me known to the world:( and in this aam sure mah JESUS  gonna help:)COZ HE ALREADY HELPED ME WITH MAH VOICE SO SURELY HE GONNA MAKE MAH VOICE KNOWN TO THE WORLD ONE DAY:) so hope you njoy my voice and do leave me a comment if not a like for mah voice. Stay tuned!

spread  love   through   music:)


ONe Song fa mah lord a (1).mp3